Monday, 29 February 2016

Spring is nearly in the air, the new HF rig is ordered and on the way.

The decision was made and the piggy bank shaken empty right down to the last penny. I came to the conclusion the best HF radio within my budget was the Yaesu FTDX1200. Negotiation was done on the phone with the friendly team down at ML&S, happy with the deal I sent the cheque.

Obviously I have been a long time fan of Yaesu, I think they have made some very good radio gear over the years, still forefront leaders of the game with an excellent updated range to suit all pockets. How I came to choose this radio I will leave to another blog, but there was a budget which had to be strictly adhered too. 

Of course there is a little free offer thrown in with the radio at the moment, that made it a bit more attractive with a choice of one of three options. This has to be redeemed direct from Yaesu UK. I will opt to go for the FFT-1 unit, allowing additional AF-FFT scope along with CW, PSK31, encode/decode live on the radio's screen.

This morning I received an email the radio was on it's way from the warehouse and into packing:

All photo's ML&S

High on the rack along with the other stock my rig was about to leave the stores, destined for despatch and then on to it's new home.

Glad to see it is still made in Japan.

A bit heavy I hope he had his Weetabix?

Phew! Made it, ready for packing and then forwarding on to the courier, should be with you shortly.

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