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BITX & uBITX resources

VU2ESE Original prototype Docs

BITX   Here

uBITX Here

HFSignals - Purchase BITX40, uBITX kits, circuits, & support.

Hardware support for BITX and uBITX project, cases etc.

Amateur Radio Kits India  VU3SUA.

Support for above:

Groups & Website support  

This group includes the original BITX20, HFSignals BITX40 and uBITX.


One link that shines out for help for frequency alignment is:

N6QW Blog


BITX Projects

uBITX Projects

Small Wonder QRP

BITX Hacks

Asharr Farhan, Bill Meera, Peter Juliano.


KD8CEC Amateur Radio


Rich Neese. Nextion LCD screen files


KB1OIQ Ham Radio Projects

W0EB Hardware and software mods for uBITX

Documents and help files

A diagnostic guide for the uBITX by Ufi Auttorri: Here

Facebook Groups

BITX40 and uBITX QRP Radio Kit



BITX-40 Cuba

Firmware Sketches

BITX40 Official VU2ESE.

Allards Sketches.

V1 Code
Requires the fewest hardware mods, and leaves the BFO using the 12mhz crystal osillator.

V2 Code
Requires more mods, including one that drives the BFO from the si5351's clk.

Both branches are being actively developed.
The V2 code allows you to do more stuff, such as adjust the BFO frequency to better align with your crystal filter.

uBITX official VU2ESE.

Latest official uBITX4 firmware

Ian Lee KD8CEC


China BG1REN

Video Links

VU2ESE Troubleshooting the BITX40:

VU2ESE Demonstrates the prototype uBITX:

VK3YE BITX40 review inc mods:

VK3YE BITX40 ceramic resonator mod:

VK3YE BITX40 improving audio mod:

VK3YE Micro microphone for BITX40:

VK3YE BITX40 Removing DDS noise:

VK3YE Repairing a BITX40:

VK3YE Adjusting the BFO on the uBITX:

VK3YE Testing the uBITX TX audio mod:

VK3YE Broadcast Band filter mod:

VK3YE RF actuated TX LED:

W5KUB ~ VU2ESE BITX40 1/3/17:

W5KUB ~ VU2ESE BITX40 & uBITX  21/3/17:

W5KUB ~ VU2ESE uBITX interview 19/12/17:

W5KUB ~ VU2ESE uBITX interview 5/2/19 :

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