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Friday 7 November 2014

Sourcing the semiconductors (1)

When you build small QRP projects, one is always hungry for Transistors at the right price! I found a kit that has the most useful general purpose types, this will certainly build most stages of a QRP Transceiver and other projects.

600 Pieces, 15 Different PNP & NPN, 40 of each. You can't really go wrong for £8.66  ($13 US) including shipping and the case too.


2N2222 NPN
2N3904 NPN
2N3906 PNP
2N5401 PNP
2N5551 NPN
A1015   PNP
C1815   NPN
C945     NPN
S8050   NPN
S8550   PNP
S9012   PNP
S9013   PNP
S9014   NPN
S9015   PNP
S9018   NPN

Down to Banggood again for the full details:


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