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Monday 29 December 2014

Spare pocket money

I have always been a big fan of moving coil multimeters, don't get me wrong the digital DMM is great. But there is something about an old fashioned moving coil meter I have always liked, a bit like the boy who grew up to be a man and still loves steam engines I suppose?

Christmas brought me a couple of envelopes with some money and I was busy browsing late last night, temptation got the better of me:

The MF500B is a full sized bench multimeter (plenty of images available on the web):

DC voltage: 0/ 2.5/ 10/ 50/ 250/ 500/ 2500V
AC Voltage: 0/ 10/ 50/ 250/ 500/ 2500V
DC current :0/ 50uA; 1/ 10/ 100/ 500mA
AC current : 0/ 1/ 10/ 100/ 500mA
Resistance(Ω):  R × 1/  R × 10/  R × 100/  R × 1K/  R × 10KΩ
Audio Level: Audio level -10 ~ +220 dB

The price was the best bit, less than £20 UK ($30 US) including delivery! 

It has got to be a bargain:


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Looks like the voltmeters we had on school years ago. Good memories. 73, Bas

G1KQH said...

Yes it reminds me of the AVO Model 7:
Happy New Year!

73 Steve