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Friday 13 February 2015

When certain stages are not viable to construct any longer!

Interlude time now, in between writing up the Calibration procedure for the M328.. We will push this little one in to keep you all happy.

I have a few various projects to build over the next couple of years, some that will require a regulated supply to feed various DC Volts  (low noise is a must!).  I had been running through my mind various ideas using regulators on some stripboard to mate up  the supply rails,  I had a few emails between my friend G0FTD  on the subject, he said take a look at these "5" seperate LM317 boards already made up on a PCB, complete with heatsinks for just over £5 ($8 US), which works out at just over £1 each! I couldn't even buy the heatsink for a £1 over here, never mind the LM317 and the PCB.  I ordered five they arrived within 10 days from HK, a couple of  the LM317's were not bolted up tight to the heatsinks, but a quick tighten with a screwdriver and all was ok, what a bargain!

Time to test one.
Most of what I will be requiring is between 3.3V and  5V with a 12V dryfit battery on the input end.

To prove I just rigged up a quick lash up with 15V feeding one module from my bench supply:

I was able to able to obtain a precision swing of between 1.25V & 13.5V as the the output is made variable with a multiturn pot attached to the PCB, ideal for what I am looking for. 

Conclusion: Another good purchase from China that is useful, money and time saving in project building!

Not only have I come across various types of regulator modules (some switching types so be careful!), but also LM386 Audio Amp modules, Timer modules and even a 3 Axis Magnetometer PCB built and ready to go!


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