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Friday 6 March 2015

More power for the shack.

A refurbishment of the shack is long overdue, and some advanced birthday money prompted me to take up one of ML&S recent deals. I had been looking at various Linear power supplies to feed the new layout, and the MP-304mkII would fit the requirement of servicing the array of rigs I have to feed.

Ordering was quick which I did over over the phone,  as normal with Martin Lynch & Sons, the faultless delivery was on time! Infact so quick! I had forgotten to tell the XYL, so she was surprised by the delivery.

The MP304 is sold as a 30A supply, that does 15A continuous, and 20A for 15minutes @13.8V. Supplied with a mains voltage of 230V 50Hz.

There are various output connections on the front, including a handy Cigar lighter socket that can supply 10A.

The supply is variable by an adjustable pot on the front panel, which is biased in the middle of its range to set the supply at the nominal 13.8V. The output is adjustable between 1.5V & 15V DC. With a sliding scale of V/I) (Don't expect 15A Max at 5V as this works out at about 7A)

The large easy to read analogue Meter is switchable either to Volts or Amps.  

Supply regulation is better than 1% and a noise figure <10mV is quoted.

We will see how this performs when I will load it up and do a few measurements in the next day or so.

A short form manual is supplied, a circuit diagram would of been useful for servicing in the future. (I have not seen one on the web?)

First looks are good, and not bad for the money of £99!


GW4DVB said...

How did the MP-304mkII PSU perform - Any issues ?

G1KQH said...

Good power supply cannot fault it.

Ricky said...

what do you think of the fan noise? de 2EOFZF

Dave, G0IDE. said...

The fan makes a lot of noise.Any ideas for a mod to reduce it ? G0IDE.

Unknown said...

My 3-4 yr old mp304V2 has just "died"...well...its a constant 24V output now. My search for a schematic is proving fruitless.....grrrr....

There's an SD880 power transistor in the regulator chain....a 14 pin chip that I can't read, and a 7812