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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Windows 7 says it's last goodbye!

Last night I switched on the PC it booted into Windows 7 as normal, after a quick look around at a few Ham sites I was called for my tea. After returning to my desk after eating my roast beef and Yorkshire puds I returned to something new!

Unknowing to me Windows 10 had downloaded in the background and installed itself on my PC without even informing me. Yes, Microsoft can take over your machine without you even knowing! It appears if you have got your settings set for auto updates it will do this. Beware! Big brother is really alive! Would Microsoft like it if I came in through the back door and took over their servers and PCs, I think not!

I must admit though, there were only a couple of little hiccups which I sorted in an hour or so, everything seems to have gone over clean. It appears you can revert back to your previous operating system but only within 30 days of the install.

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Tony said...

If you are happy with your windows 7 PC working until 2020 and then going out of extended support then you could install "Never10" from

My Windows 7 PC is 5 years old and I think another 4 will bring me to pensioning it off. Until then, Windows 7 isn't broke so one point of view, "why fix it"?