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Saturday 14 October 2017

Sprat on DVD 2017

                I have just been in touch with G3MFJ G-QRP club sales and he confirms

                                           A new Sprat DVD is now available.                        

                      As I have explained before, but for those that don't read things.
     SPRAT is the journal of the G-QRP club, and is well worth reading for all it's circuits
                  and QRP designs sent in via it's membership from around the world.

 Price for "members only" is £5 (6.5 Euro, USA $8.0, AU$9.5, and NZ$10.5) plus p&p
         non members price is £12 plus postage £1.20 (UK), £3.50 (EU), £5.00 (DX)

What they normally say to non members, is join and you get a membership UK price for £6. Which includes 4 Sprats per year, and then you can purchase the DVD at the reduced members price.

More details from the G-QRP Website

Join G-QRP club here

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