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Monday 5 March 2018

ReactOS maybe the OS you just need?

So you have run the latest Windows and found out that 10 is full of bloatware and updates to nail your PC to the ground. You may have also tried Linux, but found some things it does, and some things it won't, or impossible to be made to work, like camera drivers for example. Stuff which would work with Windows no problem. You may have tried running Windows Apps under Wine on top of Linux, some work, but some refuse point blank, or you have just found Linux too geeky and given up?

You have also discovered there is a lot more software around for Windows against Linux, especially for our radio hobby.

Also there is the no security update problem with those using ageing copies of XP, 2000, Vista and Win 7. Like myself whom will fall into the no support trap in another 18 months or so?

You also don't like paying for a new operating system and want it for free!

Well I might of found something that is being developed as an open source operating system that appears to fit the bill called ReactOS.
ReactOS is only up to version 0.47a, so it is in it's very early stages of development and I guess full of bugs, but it does seem to work as you would expect from a Windows operating system.

I have done a bit more research around the Web and found that only a day ago, Chris Barnatt of had just made a video about the product, which I have bopped the link here for you all to watch below:

This seems quite an exciting development as operating systems go, and something tight fisted penny pinching Radio Hams have been looking around for a number of years. Currently, I am not minded to move to it yet until it gets passed the beta stages, but it is something I would welcome very soon.


Tony said...

Interesting news item Roger. By the time my Windows 7 reaches end of life I will not be teaching any more - so I won't need to stay current with Microsoft. I've long ago decided that I won't buy any Windows 10 licences and Linux does most of what I need. But natively running windows apps in an OS rather than a Virtual OS (or Wine) is rather alluring. Something to keep an eye on.

What might cause them problems is some PC manufacturers are building machines that resist installation of OS's other than Windows. I have a ASUS that simply won't install Ubuntu.

Incidentally, that Youtube channel "ExplainingComputers" is well worth bookmarking.

Tony G4WIF

G1KQH said...


Hmmm! They want to try and control us. I will stick the clones.

I further found out that ReactOS is Russian backed:

Maybe Mr Putin wants to take over from the American's watching us?

73 Steve

Tony said...

Oops! - my apologies for getting your name mixed up Steve.