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Tuesday 12 February 2019

A Blog a day: The Daily Antenna

While it takes me on average about a month to think up and produce One blog that doesn't bore the pants off someone.

The maestro of the Ham Video VK3YE , writer of a growing Amateur radio book collection, along with his superb website to support his hobby, has done it again, and now come up with a new challenge a new daily Blog called The Daily Antenna.

The idea is to produce One blog per day on antennas, accessories and related topics.

I don't know how Peter finds the energy and time to fit it all in, but I certainly will be dropping in and reading from time to time, and wish him well with his new venture

I will also drop the link into "My Blog list" on the right handside, because I know it will be a very valuable source of material.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Thanks for the link. You should not think that you have only boring things to tell. Take G3XBM for example, he produces at least one post a day and sometimes even 3! But everyone should do what they like to do. I write about 10 posts a month without any problems. Most of it is written in lunchbreaks on my job. With a 45 hours a week job and a family there is not that much time left for the hobby at home. 73, Bas

G1KQH said...

We all have different lives Bas, at the moment most of my spare time is occupied by pressing family matters, and Amateur radio is not where I want it to be, but well and truly on the back burner. There is plenty I want to write about me involved the hobby but that isn't going to happen at the moment.

I always try and think very carefully what I am going to write about next. If I see something which is valuable and worthwile to others I will include it on here. Boring the pants off, is just a figure of speech :-) I wouldn't write about I have just done the washing up.. Hi!

73 Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

We all have different amounts of time for our blogs. I am sure some of my stuff is very boring!

G1KQH said...

Yeah your boring me because your not buying a new rig! Hi! :-)

Anonymous said...

I do find peter approch to radio brewing more realistic as it leads to on air calls. I do write my brew .