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Saturday 18 July 2020

Where have you gone G1KQH?

Many have wondered why there has been no output from me on this Blog? Quite simply, I have not had the time of late to play Amateur radio, or update my Blog. As I have stated previously there are family issues I am having to deal with on a daily basis, which have been taking up most of my spare time and which are still on going and maybe for sometime yet?

Some of you recently sent me emails regarding the G3LEK key, and requests for links to my Blog, I will get around to replying to you all.

So here's hoping you have all have managed to dodge the virus and have stayed safe? I suppose by luck it has not been at critical levels in the area where I live, and we have been thankful for that, although it has added further restraint to our lives.

 So for now I leave you with a photo of the person behind the Blog, something for you all to throw darts at when you are next in the shack. I hope to be back at the hobby not too long into the distant future.

73's Steve..

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Photon said...

Yes, come back and tell us something interesting! Interested to read yous story - pretty much the same as mine in terms of learning and passing the C&G exam; took me 30 minutes from turning the page to putting my pencil down! Not that I remember any of it now, of course!