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Monday 31 August 2020

Why I signed with Google Adsense.

For years I had tried to get an Adsense account accepted on this blog but for some unknown reason it was rejected? I didn't understand the complicated email reply they sent back at the time, even others I showed  the email to were also puzzled? But I came to the conclusion, that in the blog's early days of it's birth, there wasn't enough content on here for them to entertain an Adsense account, so I never really bothered pushing again until now.

During last week I had some spare time available  (very rare at the moment) so I applied again,  this time I was accepted and the Adsense account was opened. Nothing different had changed on my part or had the blog been altered in anyway?

If folk don't understand what Adsense is, it is a system that places adverts around the blog's spare unused space. Down the sides, along the top or bottom, or sometimes within the content. It can either be setup manually, or auto. The latter is how I have set it up, because I have little spare time to mess around, adverts will be automatically placed in the areas it thinks best.
Yes I get paid a small amount in return, mainly if someone clicks on the advert and goes off and views it.

 I have tried to set it up that it will show advertising from things that will be of interest to you the person that comes here and that reads the blog. Although this cannot be guaranteed the adverts will be applicable to its content?
How will this help me?

I don't expect I will be riding around in a Ferrari! But it may help fund the purchase of small items, which may be of interest to the hobby which I will be able to test out and review in the future musings,  making the blog more exciting with content.

So it is a win win situation for us all, so can I please encourage you to pop into the blog on a regular basis and click the adverts of interest from time to time.



PE4BAS, Bas said...

Have had a adsense account but got banned for unknown reasons. Tried to get it back but it seems I got banned forever. It once got me €70 in about 2 wish you good luck with it. 73, Bas

G1KQH said...

Hi Bas, It was never the driving aspect of the Blog so I don't expect it to make me much. But something will be better than nothing! Thanks 73 Steve.

Anonymous said...

Why add something that most people hate, and slows down the loading of your pages?

Most people want to get rid of the adverts.

Photon said...

Bas' experience is pretty typical of what you can expect from blog writing about radio. Yes, nice to get a magazine subscription paid for every two years, but that's pretty much it. You only get the money when it reaches £60 or so.

Don't forget to confirm your account when they send you a few pence as a security measure, otherwise your money will sit there, unpaid.