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Wednesday 16 December 2020

A decent protective case/stand for the IC-705


Quite a few different stands for the IC-705, have quickly reached the market from third party manufacturers.  

Some good, but some that look like they would fall over at the first blow of a wind. 


This one I spotted recently seems to tick all boxes from BD-7 MAPLE.

Said to be made of iron, of which I would class as steel with all around grilled protection? A front mounted SO239, two fold out sturdy feet, makes the radio look the part and fit for real purpose, either on the shack desk, or out in the field in action. Along with a protective transparent front cover makes it all look and feel a robust professional job.


Link here: BD-7-Maple

1 comment:

PE4BAS, Bas said...

I think steel is too heavy for a portable radio. Would be better in Aluminium. Or sturdy plastic. I've also seen a version with a handle on top so you can easily carry the IC-705 around. 73, Bas