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Saturday 13 March 2021

EMF calculator

For those in the UK worried about the new pending Ofcom ICNIRP EMF rules.

I have found an excellent EMF calculator program from the late VK3UM, infact I would say it is the best I have come across yet.

Well worth a download and a play with:


EMR calc V7.12 runs in Windows and is very easy to get up and running, allowing a variation of  most parameters you can think of.

It comes with a preset load of settings, including Freq, PWR, TX loss. Transmission type (CW, SSB, FSK etc). Antenna type Dipole, Vertical even a G5RV! 

Or you can customise it more or less to your own settings.

I have also been informed this will run ok under Linux using Wine.

Good luck!


Useful references: 

RSGB EM Field Exposure 

Ofcom Publication Date: 11 March 2021 Ofcom’s new EMF licence condition ( Draft Version) 

ICNIRP Guidelines 2020

1 comment:

Photon said...

The only thing I'm worried about is how amateur radio got thrown into a document that was all about panicking over the public reaction to 5G. And OFCOM have admitted in writing that was precisely what happened.

The trouble with any calculator will be one of authority. Will OFCOM now move to accept calculations based only on its applet, or will it accept others? In the end, it doesn't matter, because any given situation will be highly site-specific and need to incorporate such things as environmental absorption, etc. No applet can cater for that, and any complaint brought by a member of the public would have to lead to expensive measurements using calibrated equipment. So all the calculators online will only ever be - and were only ever intended to be - something to cover OFCOM, who can say, 'well, we have rules about EMF, so we've done all we can - it's up to each operator to fight an expensive legal defense if you want to take it further'.

There was no need for any of this - neither of the relevant authorities (OFCOM, PHE), under statutory requests, could provide any reference to a scientific justification for the policy. OFCOM said PHE had the evidence. PHE said it had no evidence. Why did OFCOM say they did, then? Policy like this should never happen.