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Saturday 25 May 2024

The new QMX+

Last week without any fanfare, Hans Summers small company QRP Labs, launched the bigger QMX+. 

A full blown 160m-6m. CW and Digital modes. 5W QRP rig. (SSB to come in a future firmware release).


The radio is available as either a kit, or as a ready built option. With optional metal case and GPS Unit to aid frequency alignment, RTC, and Location.

Anything which Hans designs, is engineered and tuned for high performance! With an easy step by step documentation for those who are competent enough to understand and build.

The radio is based on the proven QMX SDR. But where the smaller sister is limited to 5 bands, the QMX+ comes with a full hat of HF bands including 6m.


Price starts at $125 + case + options + carriage. (Price may also be subject to import charges, duty etc.)

Further details:

QRP Labs forum:

G3XBM informs me he has ordered a fully assembled unit. So it is well worth keeping an eye on his blog for details when it arrives in his shack:



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