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Wednesday 8 April 2015

The Pixie money game!

A couple of months ago my friend and Blogger G3XBM was into buying Pixie kits from China, he thought he had bought a bargain for the £7.00 he paid for the kit?  Shortly afterwards I found the kits at around a couple of Pounds lower than Roger had bought his for. But this was short lived, a week or so later Roger blogged that Andy Cutland had found them for £3.19 pence, this undercut my price yet again by nearly £1.50!!

Well the story continues!! I have now found the Pixie kits cheaper yet again!!! The complete kit as above (inc PCB components and Xtal), all for a penny pinching £2.89p ($4.30 US), and the more you buy the cheaper it gets! Oh yes I forgot the price "Includes" shipping!!

You could buy several kits without busting the bank, and put them on different Bands with Xtal and small mod of low pass filter changes.

Is this now the cheapest Transceiver kit  in the world, or can anyone find them cheaper still??



Roger G3XBM said...

Well I think any cheaper and we'll be shipping rice to them as well as a little money. These prices with ALL board mounted parts, silk screened PCB and connectors and free shipping is insane.

G1KQH said...

When I rechecked the price today, they had fell by another Penny to "£2.88p"!!!
Must be due to currency fluctuations!

73 Steve

Paolo said...

Steve (and Roger), I am in the process of building one of those Pixies, the same XBM had bought. I found components being different (lighter, weaker, ...) than their full-price older counterparts. I described my findings on my blog and I would appreciate your thoughts. Unfortunately it all goes under the "lack-of-QA" hat.

73, Paolo IK1ZYW

G1KQH said...

Thats interesting Paolo, I suppose what can one expect for the price? I have added you into my Blog list..

73 Steve