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Friday 31 October 2014

Halloween UK 2m Licence NOV

Just updated my licence by Notice of Variation to extend the band coverage 146MHz to 147MHz..

It was done in a flash! Or quicker than you can make instant coffee.. You can download a copy of the NOV straight away in PDF format, and there is an email sent back to you with a link to a copy, once you have completed the online application.

*Note Geographic restrictions, and upper band limit apply in some parts of the UK, see link below.

25W Max erp. Digital modes only. Available to Full licencsees only! NOV is for 12 months and expires on 31/10/15

I don’t understand why we require more digital Bandwidth when there is very little activity on the main 2MHz already allocated?

Step down to the RSGB link below, armed with your licence number:

Band plan & details here:

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