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Saturday 18 October 2014

Which is your favourite Baofeng (Pofung)?

We all call them Baofeng the original name, but now they are called Pofung. Who really cares about the name? They are a budget priced HT capable of 2m/70cm and other freqs, they have lots going for them.

Take the survey to the right of the Blog and lets see which one of the 5 you like.

We have the pocket sized UV-3R which includes all models MK1/2.  and Plus..
The full sized UV-5R, again includes all models RA, RC, RE etc.
UV-B5 and UV-B6
The rugged UV-82
The budget priced BF-888s 16 CH UHF model.

                                          UV-3R     UV-5R    UV-5B/B6  UV82    BF-888s

I will let the survey run for a month, perhaps in the comments you will let us know what you like and don't like about them?

Of course if you don't own a Baofeng yet, take a trip down to Hans PD0AC Blog, and do a search for a model which takes your fancy, he has written full reports on most of them:

I know which one is my favourite which is yours?  


Anonymous said...

For obvious reasons the UV-B5, but the UV-82 started to grow on me.


Hoya said...

I also think the uv b-5 is the best I have tried, the worst is the bf v85.

Unknown said...

The UV-B5 is the best. I like the menu, rotary selector, decent antenna and overall performance. I have used it in pretty harsh conditions(sand, rain, frost) and it never fails.

Petr, OK1RP said...
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Petr, OK1RP said...

Hi Steve, for sure it's UV-B5(6) / 27 items menu ver. with latest f/w. Very good front-end (instead of all other Baofengs) and pretty nice design, rugged, for very reasonable price. Can't beat in this price class. 73 - Petr, OK1RP / M0SIS

G1KQH said...

Hi Petr, I agree a very good model and the S meter works correctly!

73 Steve